In The Beginning…

Yesterday I bought a copy of BBC Vegetarian Good Food at the station, as I had no idea what to cook for the following week. As usual (at least for this time of year), the vegbox from Abel & Cole delivered on Friday had contained lots of greens (chard, to be precise), but nothing that was inspiring me to great things. As luck  would have it, the magazine contained a recipe which listed chard as an ingredient, and one I had not tried before to boot.

So, tomorrow for lunch, I shall be eating home-made dolmades for the first time ever!

dolmades may 2011

Dolmades in tupperware

dolmades 2 may 2011

Dolmades filling

As I frequently do, I went a little off piste with the recipe (Chard dolma of quinoa, carrot & currants with saffron cashew butter sauce). In no particular order:

  1. the recipe included a cashew butter sauce to go with the dolmades – that already sounded too complicated and nearly resulted in my missing the recipe altogether
  2. when I looked at the chard I had from the box, only seven leaves seemed big enough to me, rather than the twelve the recipe called for
  3. for reasons of my own (i.e. I had some in the fridge that needed eating), I decided the filling called for flat beans as well as carrots
  4. as a result of not having enough chard, I had a go at reducing all the other ingredients proportionally
  5. the amount of herbs had more to do with how much I had, rather than how much the recipe called for
  6. I randomly added some white wine to the vegetable stock
  7. I don’t have any cayenne pepper, so I substituted hot chilli powder instead

But, apart from all of that, I followed the recipe to the letter!

Whoever wrote the recipe did not anticipate doing the washing up – it called for 3 saucepans, 2 frying pans, a food processor and oven dishes. Needless to say, I used my own approach to that. The outcome? I was quite pleased with the taste of the filling. The shop-bought dolmades I’ve had in the past have been very bland. Most of the dolmades looked reasonably like dolmades after I’d wrapped them. But I’m unconvinced by the proportions. Even if I had used 12 leaves instead of 7, there is no way all that filling would have fitted. I had dolmades threatening to explode as it was. So the extra filling (see picture above) will go into work to bulk out the dish.

Blog Resolution #1 – remember to take photos of the food before putting it in the tupperware, as it looks prettier that way

Book I’m reading at the moment – The Cookbook Collector by Allegra Goodman – So far, there’s very little cookbook collecting in it, but I’m only a third of the way through. Enjoying it so far, despite the confusing title.



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