Deja Vu

I didn’t get much cooking done yesterday, as dolmades turned out to be quite exhausting (plus I put all my utensils in the dishwasher and switched it on, preventing any further cookery for 2.5 hours). But I’ve made up for it this evening.

1. Salad with lemon garlic dressing

salad 2 may 2011

Salad without dressing, but breaking Blog Resolution #1 already (see yesterday’s post)

The salad was made up out of my head, and therefore had far too many ingredients:

  • Steamed asparagus
  • Boiled Jersey Royal new potatoes
  • Little Gem lettuce
  • Cress (the sort you grew from seed when you were little, not the big odd-tasting stuff that comes in packets)
  • Fresh mint
  • Heirloom tomatoes – from Holland via Abel & Cole – lots of different colours, but they’re mostly hidden at the bottom of the box; go and look at their website to see how pretty they are
  • Buffalo mozzarella – this time British from Abel & Cole and my favourite mozzarella

I meant to put courgette medallions in as well, but completely forgot and the box is full now. I had also promised myself a cheeseless, healthy salad, but caved at the last minute – no protein (except for a little butter on the potatoes, but that hardly counts) for lunch didn’t seem good for the working day somehow.

But on with the cooking.

2. Spring greens soup

I needed to use up the little chard leaves from yesterday and some of the spring greens that have been lurking in the fridge for far too long, so I went online and found this recipe, which seemed straightforward enough. I was going to make it yesterday, right up until I remembered my vegetable peeler was in the middle of a dishwasher cycle.

For me, I stuck quite closely to the recipe, except for using natural yogurt instead of double cream or whatever artery-clogging alternative the recipe called for, and for putting in some chard as well as a head of spring greens. I think the additional greens were balanced out by the amount of greenstuff that got stuck in my hand blender so never quite got to the soup.

soup may 2011

Still breaking Blog Resolution #1

I did a quick taste after blending, and it’s pretty good. Unusually for me, it also seems to be soup consistency. I usually end up with soup that’s less liquid and more liquidised food, and end up adding a bit of water before microwaving. This one seems to have worked (could it be to do with actually following the recipe? Well, ish).

As all of the above were for lunches later in the week, I also did

3. Veggie burgers

(Which I didn’t take a picture of, because you know what those look like)

Although they weren’t so much veggie burgers as Pimp My Veggie Burgers (have you discerned a pattern to my cooking habits yet?). In addition to the burger and bun were:

  • guacamole
  • blue veined brie (once again from Abel & Cole – this cheese wil knock your socks off and is not for the faint-hearted, but as a card carrying member of the Blue Cheese Party I believe it’s hard to beat)
  • home-made tomato sauce (remind me to tell you more about this in a future post, as it’s one of my staples)
  • little gem lettuce
  • onion marmalade

Which altogether was truly scrummy, despite the uninspiring Sainsburys meat-free burgers in the middle.

Book I’m reading at the moment

– still The Cookbook Collector, although the cookbooks have now made an appearance.



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