Too Many Dishes

If I got to do today over again, I would have done one dish or the other, but not both. Still, it’s done now, and I won’t have to do lots of cooking week so it’s probably just as well.


I hadn’t considered it this way before, but quiche has added itself to the list of “catch-all use up leftover ingredients” dishes. Although I’m not sure that what I cooked today can really be dignified with the word “quiche”, as the vegetables rather elbowed out the egg component. As per usual, I had to rein myself in as regards ingredients:

  • leek
  • spring onion
  • baby pepper
  • tomatoes
  • sundried tomatoes
  • olives
  • spring greens (steamed)
  • baby plum tomatoes
  • parmesan

I was quite close to putting radishes in as well, but luckily persuaded myself it was a bridge too far. The pastry was bought shortcrust. I can make pastry. I have made pastry. But not when cooking this amount of food in one afternoon. I’m with Shirley Conran in this instance. And that’s all the ingredients, seasoning aside, except for two spoonfuls of natural yogurt and two eggs.

Very tasty quiche, largely because I hugely overdid the parmesan on the top. It successfully used up some spring greens though, which was the point.


Starting to get the hang of not breaking Blog Resolution #1, although I’d eaten half this slice before I remembered.


A few years ago, I went on a holiday in Ireland which featured yoga and vegetarian cookery. It was instrumental in getting me more interested in cooking regularly, but it also increased my willingness to cook with spices. I made a trio of curries today; the saag aloo is from a recipe I learned on that holiday – although, of course, on this occasion the spinach is not spinach but spring greens (and yet I still haven’t used all this week’s spring greens – will it never end?).

Mushroom bhaji is one of my favourite takeaway dishes, so I had to try my own. After much surfing, I found this recipe and have stuck with it ever since, although today I think I used fewer mushrooms than normal.

Compared to the last two, I feel like this spicy aubergine curry is a bit of a cheat, given that it uses curry paste rather than spices from scratch. But… well I already explained my views on that. Plus I think there’s sufficient cooking been done today, to allow a few shortcuts.

The curries might be considered an odd workplace lunch. I have divided them up so I get a quarter of each one in a serving, and I’ll take natural yogurt and some microwave in the bag rice in to go with it. They’re pretty mild curries, except the first time I made saag aloo and stupidly decided to add chilli powder by smell rather than taste (it was still very tasty, but I could only eat a 50p piece sized amount at one go!), and the first time I made the aubergine dish and completely forgot to add the coconut milk.

curries may 2011

They don’t look very appetising in tupperware, but they taste really good.

Book I’m reading at the moment – still The Rogue.

Honourable Film Mentions – Forgot to mention I went to see Thor 2D earlier in the week. Good fun, although I’m a little tired of swooping establishing shots people put in nowadays to show off the 3D. My vertigo means I have to look away, even in 2D, as they make me feel really dizzy. Plus I’ve watched The Social Network on DVD this evening.


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