You Say Tomayto, I Say Tomahto

I’m not going to bore you with the full version of my risotto, as you’ve suffered through it once already. I was having an orgy of tomatoes. So, despite all instincts to the contrary, I only added tomatoes to the base this time. When I say orgy, I mean it though: plum tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and – in true Ministry of Food fashion – a quarter of a pot of arrabiata sauce (to finish it off).

tomato may 2011

It doesn’t look terribly pre-possessing, but it tasted suitably tomatoey. I toasted almond flakes and scattered them on top to vary the texture a touch.

Book I’m reading at the moment – In between books at the moment, having finally finished the Scarpetta Factor, but wanting to save lots of the books I’m looking forward to for my rapidly approaching holiday.

Honourable film mention – I’ve had a very silly week, with the A-Team and the Green Hornet. Both mildly amusing, and people who like car chases will enjoy both, but for me – nothing to write home about.


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