Magic Pastry Sheet

Sorry for the hiatus; I genuinely don’t know where this summer has gone.

Anyway, I’m very excited to show you the results of my cooking last night (week night, no less), as it was the pastry sheet that wouldn’t end (a la magic porridge pot). I was feeling too lazy on Sunday to do proper cooking, so ended up with pasta and cobbled-together sauce to Monday’s lunch. Given that, last week, I ate out for two of the five weekday lunches and my weight is on the rise again as a result, I had to prepare something for the rest of this week’s lunches, and settled on quiche.

photo 3 oct 2011

This was – for those with an inquisitive turn of mind, tomato puree smeared across the base, then 3 eggs, two teaspoons of yogurt, half an onion, leek, half a courgette, cheddar (until I got bored of grating), seasoning, and red leicester on the top.

However, as I had cheated with the pastry and bought a sheet – rather than making my own – there was rather a lot of pastry left. So I made two mini tarts with cherry tomatoes and roquefort (melted with the other half an onion, one egg, one teaspoon of yogurt, seasoning and a splash of milk when it didn’t seem runny enough). I halved the tomatoes and put them on the base, then poured the egg mixture over the top, which worked well, although they looked like they were going to explode when they were in the oven. But there was still some pastry left… So I improvised an apple tart (three-quarters of an eating apple, cinnamon, briwn sugar), by rolling out the remaining pastry, plopping the ingredients in the middle, and pinching together the sides in a very “aren’t I an artisan” kind of a way. See for yourself.

photo 2 oct 2011

And very tasty they were too.

As if all of that wasn’t sufficient food-related nonsense for one evening, I also made huge amounts of salad (lettuce, cucumber, tomato, radishes, black olives) to go with the quiche for lunches this week.

Book I’m reading: In preparation for the new Terry Pratchett out later this month, I’m dipping in and out of old Discworld ones.

Honourable film mention: Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy – excellent job, cutting so much material down, and – despite having reread the book the other day – I couldn’t help smiling at the ending for Smiley.


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