Bumper Crop

Another flan, I’m afraid, although I again used the magic pastry sheet of previous post fame, so one savoury flan and four little apple tartlets. This time,I got to blind-bake them all at the same time, so the cooking didn’t take anywhere near as long as last time.

I had originally intended to put Delicata Squash in the flan, so the first stage (together with the blind-baking) was roasting the squash. Unfortunately, by the time it was roasted, I had changed my mind (I know, I can be fickle that way). So answers on a postcard please regarding what I should do with the roasted squash that is now sitting in the fridge.

photo 7 oct 2011

The flan therefore ended up being onion, leek, purple carrots (very pretty, but have a slightly disconcerting habit of colouring the food around them), chard and roquefort. With eggs, yogurt and seasoning. I’ve given up calling these concoctions quiche, because the egg content is quite low. It’s sitting in the kitchen, cooling, as we speak, so I can’t vouch for the taste, but it looks very pretty.

photo 8 oct 2011

As for the apple tartlets, Abel & Cole provided me with bonus bramley apples a couple of weeks ago, and this seemed like a good moment to eat them. So I cooked down two apples to the point where they were still lumpy but very soft, with a bit of water, light brown sugar, cinnamon, a little ground ginger and a shot glass of Tuaca. I also added some chopped cashew nuts and walnuts, to ring the changes.

While that was all cooking, I made some coleslaw. I had a red cabbage to eat, and it rarely inspires me with much imagination, so sue me… I can’t remember if I’ve described my coleslaw here before, but it’s heavily based on Nigel Slater’s recipe, but I always use light mayonnaise and a spoonful of yogurt, and on this occasion I added a bramley apple (they all have to go…).

photo 9 oct 2011

So, with all of that, plus the inevitable vegetable stock cooking away in the slow cooker, I call that a successful Sunday’s cooking. Still haven’t decided what to do with the squash though.

Book I’m reading at the moment – rereading The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley. Somehow autumn brings the need for Arthurian myth. Don’t know why.


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