Let’s Hear It For Vegetables

It all started with my desperate need to do something other than mash with my celeriac. But it very quickly got out of hand. Examine the thought process if you will…

“Celeriac is a bit like potato, I’ll dauphinoise it”

“I have half a sweet potato that is attracting wildlife. That is also like a potato. I’ll add it”

“I have half a leek and half a tin of sweetcorn to use up, so they can go in as well”

“Plus there’s that pesky cavolo nero that needs eating, in it goes”

“It somehow feels wrong not to have an onion in – in goes a red onion”

“I shan’t use double cream, like in Rose Elliot’s recipe, because I’m trying for the whole low-fat thing. I’ll use yogurt instead” – The book by Rose Elliot that has been my vegetarian equivalent of Mrs Beeton for the last 20 years appears to be out of print

“I’m low on yogurt, I shall go to my friendly corner shop and get some more”

“Ooh look, low fat creme fraiche. That’ll do”

“The creme fraiche is too thick, I shall stir in some skimmed milk to make it runnier”

“Plus another couple of splashes of milk, to give all those veg something to cook in”

“Obviously there should be some grated cheese on the top of this thing – I’ll use up the last of the Red Leicester”

And that is how you contort a recipe to make it fill your needs.

All this happened at the weekend, but – what with one thing and another – I hadn’t tried any of my veg dauphinoise until today, and I can report that – despite the top looking awfully dry – it was very moist and lovely. I also roasted a butternut squash (to fill the oven naturellement), so that’s sitting in my fridge at the moment, awaiting inspiration. Once all that cooking was done, I was still bored so made a batch of tomato sauce to keep my hand in. And there you have last weekend’s cooking exploits in full.


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