Love Me Beauty box – April

When I started dipping my toe into the beauty world, subscription boxes seemed like one fast-track way to try out products. The Love Me Beauty (LMB) April box has just arrived. With three full-size products (worth a total of £22.75), one sample and a £25-off voucher for a food website, there is much to be applauded, at a box price of £10 (+P&P – mine was less than £3).

This box differs from some of the others on offer, in that you are given a choice of three boxes each month. This is nice because it reduces significantly the chances of receiving a product you are unlikely to use. It is not foolproof; all three of March’s boxes had fake eyelashes in, which I have never worn. That said, it has given me an opportunity to try something I would not otherwise have considered!

photo 1 apr 2014

Betty Hula Secret Wonder Oil Roller Ball (10ml, RRP £6.25)

photo 2 apr 2014

I got a little confused as to exactly what this product was for, given the roller ball, and had to refer to the blurb that came with the box to find out more. At first, I thought it was perfume, and it does have a fragrance to it (although I’m not sure it has the staying power if that were its purpose). Having read the blurb, it is designed to help with particular problem skin areas, such as stretch marks or dryness.

Models Own Nail Polish in Fuzzy Peach (full size, RRP £5)

Whilst I might well have bought this colour off my own bat, given the colour on the website, the actual shade (which the website refers to as “Fuzzy Peach – Ice Cream Sundae”) is quite a bit darker and bolder. This is no bad thing.

As the name suggests, it is at the peach end of the orange spectrum, but I think it is bright enough to hold its own amongst the “on-trend” oranges. The first time I applied it, I thought it had dried completely, only to find on waking up that I had smudged impromptu nail art onto my thumbnail (I’m still trying to figure out how I did it!). I think it was likely to be the fault of the wine rather than the varnish, though… Here’s what the second try looks like.

photo 4 apr 2014

Neal & Wolf Ritual Daily Cleansing Shampoo (250ml, RRP £11.50)

I’ve tended to stick with supermarket shampoo up until now, so I shall be interested to try this one. The bottle is HUGE, although the blurb showed it with a pump top; not that I’m bothered either way.

Update 3/5/14: I’ve been using the shampoo for a couple of weeks now, and I’m not sure I’m best suited to reviewing shampoos on the basis of this one. It does what a shampoo is supposed to do; it cleans my hair. If there’s something particularly rinky-dink about it, I have failed to notice it. It has no fragrance that I can discern, so if you are bothered by unnecessary smells, this might be for you. However, it seems a lot of money for shampoo without any singing and dancing.

Redken Colour Extend Conditioner (25ml sample; 250ml RRP £9.99 – according to LMB)

I’m not sure about the quoted price; the Redken website points you to salons rather than online purchase. I have found what looks to be the same product at Feel Unique at £11.60.

This is never going to be a product I would buy, as I don’t colour my hair. For the same reason, I cannot comment on how well it delivers its USP.

Hello Fresh voucher – £25 off

For people wanting to dip their toe into cooking their evening meal from scratch, this website could be the very thing. I was quite excited to receive this voucher with the LMB box this month, as I’ve looked at the website before. I had not tried it out as I feel it is probably better suited to someone making the transition from ready- to homecooked meals, as the price per meal is more than a practised cook would expect to spend, except on a special occasion. However, it still piqued my interest as I like to expand my repertoire. It can also be nice not having to make the decision on what to cook. And for cooking novices, the price is probably comparable with the cost of a (similar-sized) ready meal brought in.

I am going to use the voucher, as it is possible to get a vegetarian option box. I’ll report back here when I have had a chance to try it out. If you fancy trying it out too, feel free to use my “introduce a friend” voucher code; TP79FL will get you £20 off your first order (Disclaimer: I’ll get some money off too!).


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