Mac Cosmetics Splurge

As is often the case, a little email telling me a product I’ve been waiting to come back into stock is an excuse for buying not just that, but a few other things as well. I would blame the “free delivery” minimum (in Mac’s case £30), but that would be a lie. It’s all me.

When I was last in a Mac stockists, I fell in love with a pinky colour (which is rare for me) called Mehr (which I’m still struggling to pronounce; my instinct is to go Germanic, but I have a horrible feeling it comes out of my mouth sounding more like “meh”, which is a very drab sound for a pretty colour – a quick internet search tells me it means “More” in German, so that’s something new I’ve learned today), but they didn’t have any in stock.

So I had a little pootle around on the website, looking at their new collections. Some of the Alluring Aquatic lipsticks tempted me, but most were already sold out, and the only other thing I liked was a nail varnish. Neither was I wowed by Studio Sculpt. However I was intrigued by a number of Patentpolish lip pencil shades, and jumped right in, and added just one additional shade – Shadowy Lady – to my ever-expanding eye shadow palette.

So here is my exciting new delivery (together with free gift, a sample of Zoom Fast Black Lash mascara).


Here are the products, individually.


Mac Eye Shadow in Shadowy Lady, described as blackened plum (£10 for 1.5g palette refill, £12.50 in its own case).


Mac Alluring Aquatic Nail Lacquer in Shimmerfish (£10 for 10ml).


Mac Matte Lipstick in Mehr (£15 for 3g). So you can see what it looks like on:

2014_05_03 Lips Au Naturel2014_05_03 Lipstick Mac Matte Lipstick Mehr

Left to right: My lips au naturel (i.e. bare) and with Mehr. I apologise for the cropped pictures, by the way. It comes from a combination of bad hair day with the fact that on Tuesday I fell down some steps so I’m protecting you from the trauma of my bruised and scabbed face (or protecting myself from sharing them with the interweb for all time).


Top right to bottom left: Mac Patent Polish Lip Pencils in Innocent, Revved Up & Sultana (£14.50 each – 2.3g).

And here they are, on. In the same order, but you could have worked that out for yourself, I bet.

2014_05_03 Lipstick Mac Patentpolish Innocent

2014_05_03 Lipstick Mac Patentpolish Revved Up

2014_05_03 Lipstick Mac Patentpolish Sultana

The lip pencils come in twelve different colours, but seem to be selling quickly (checking today, I notice Innocent is already sold out). I just picked the ones I fancied trying, and I like them all, although Innocent is very difficult to see. I like how glossy they are, without being sticky. I can’t speak to staying power, as I’ve only just received them, but will update you if I have strong views either way.

Which are your favourite colours from the Patent Polish range, and are you just as much a sucker as I am for filling your shopping basket up?





One thought on “Mac Cosmetics Splurge

  1. whatsasssays

    Ooh, I love those lip colours! The sultana shade is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for sharing 🙂 I love all things mac a little bit too much!
    Sass x


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