The Body Shop – Masters of the Marketing Ploy

I went to the Body Shop today, primarily to buy some peppermint foot lotion, because my current pot has been playing hide and seek with me, and it is beginning to piss me off. I’ve looked everywhere sensible I can think of, so it has to be somewhere off the wall. The dishwasher? Hidden amongst my DVDs? I give up. Now I have bought a replacement, it will show up.

So I set foot in the store with one purchase in mind, two tops; I was also thinking about getting some chocolatey body butter, given that I’ve been using the coconut one thinking it was cocoa butter (clearly never smelled it properly), but that was about it.

Witness what I left the shop with.


I know, it doesn’t look like two tubs of cream, does it?

I promise you I am a sensible person (well, sensible-ish). And yet the sheer variety of the Body Shop’s offers threw me into a tailspin. This time it was “3 for 2 on make-up and skincare”, “buy 1 get 1 half-price on body products” plus what looks like 10% off with the loyalty card. Then they tell you how much you have saved at the till (more than £30, in this instance), which rather distracts the notice from what you are about to spend.

But the killer move is what’s at the bottom of my till receipt. Under normal circumstances, I set foot in the Body Shop once every six months. But now I have in my possession a voucher that will give me £10 off when I spend £25 in June. And somehow not using it will feel wasteful.

Here are the lipsticks and lipgloss, with a comparison. Sorry the photos aren’t quite the same pose; it’s darn difficult to manage – hats off to the bloggers that manage it!


My lips as nature intended


Breathless Berry (13)


Sweetheart Pink (210)


Coral Kiss (315)


Strawberry (35) lipgloss

I am going to reflect on this article, and why I went into a shop to spend £22 and came out having spent more than three times that amount. Or perhaps I should just go out and buy L’Oreal shares (Body Shop owners since 2006).



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