Knitting myself up in knots

I’ve been knitting all my life, on and off. But there has been a lot more “off” than “on”. I learned to knit as a child, taught by my grandma – although I barely remember it and certainly can’t call to mind anything I actually completed.

I took it up again in my mid-twenties and completed a jumper and was halfway through a cardigan when I got two kittens and decided that kittens and balls of wool don’t really mix. So I put the cardigan away, intending to pick it up again when the cats were a little older.

Last year, eight years on, down one cat and up one dog, I suddenly had an urge to wield the needles again. However I couldn’t find the half-finished cardigan (it’s somewhere in the flat, I’m convinced…), so embarked on a happy wool-buying spree for new knitting projects. I finished my first hat pretty quickly –


And managed to complete another couple of hats and a scarf in time to give them as Christmas presents last year. The sprint to meet that deadline clearly took the fun out of it, as I have had another lull. But I have picked up the needles again over the last fortnight with a passion.

I am continuing to knit squares for an afghan blanket I started last year.


Left to right from top – the first four, I knitted last year, and the final two I have completed in the last fortnight (and I am halfway through another square). Just don’t remind me that the blanket involves 121 squares! [Update: my maths went wrong in all the knitting enthusiasm; it’s 111 squares, but that is still a heck of a lot more than six!]

I have also – tempting fate – begun a jumper for myself.

rowan pattern


So we will see how that progresses; as I’m only 2 cm in so far, there is quite a way to go.

I find it interesting, though, to muse on the waxing and waning of my knitting enthusiasm, and what it says about my temperament more generally. I do have a tendency to throw myself in to projects, only to get bored with being immersed in them and then leaving them alone for months. What would really improve my quality of life is if I could figure out a way of adopting hobbies without an all-consuming passion, so I could always have a variety of things on the go. But I wonder if that is a feasible objective, and whether I should just revel in my enthusiasm for pastimes, rather than seeing it as a character flaw. After all, I do keep returning to the knitting, don’t I? I just wish I could figure out where I’ve put that cardigan…



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