It’s all about the palette

I’ve gone eye colour mad, this month. No idea what triggered it. Perhaps it is as simple as having spent the last month or so relying on eye crayons for colour, and deciding that it was time to graduate from infant school. At least as far as junior school!

In my meander round Boots this afternoon, I came across a new (to me, at least, although the Clinique lady seemed not to recognise it either) brand – Sleek make-up. It was hindered slightly, in my local store at least, by the absence of a tester for each product (and no way of even seeing inside the palette). But at £7.99 for a palette of 12 colours, I felt I ought to take the lunge – particularly as they were also subject to a “buy one, get one half-price” offer. I bought three i-Divine eyeshadow palettes – Oh So Special, Storm and Vintage Romance – and a cream blusher palette (3 shades for £9.99), called Californ.I.A. I nearly bought four eyeshadow palettes – the neutral one Au Naturel was tempting me – but I have all the Urban Decay Naked palettes, so another neutral palette really is overkill, even at £6… The other option, described on the packaging as “bright” was not sellotape-sealed, so I had a sneaky peek. Whilst I’m ready to dip my toe into colour on my eyelids, I’m not sure I’m quite ready for eighties-friendly acid colours! Maybe one day…

The packaging is beautiful; black, solid enough to reassure and, well… Sleek! What are the colours like? Let’s have a look.

IMG_0147    IMG_0152

Each palette comes with a full-size mirror as well as a number of application suggestions on the back of the cover sleeve. The plastic slip-cover identifies each shade – I don’t know if that shows up on the photos…


Oh So Special has 7 matte shades – pale cream Bow, peachy Pamper, pinker Ribbon, light brown The Mail, then progressively darker browns Boxed and Wrapped Up, with appropriately-named Noir finishing up – and 5 shimmery shades – pinky Organza and Gateau, light brown Gift Basket, blue-grey Glitz and dark brown Celebrate.


Storm is more glittery, with only 3 matte shades – light brown Calm Before The Storm, dark brown Eye Of The Storm and another aptly-named Blackout – but you can imagine them providing the ideal base for the variety of moods you could create with all that shimmer; a creamy-pale Snow Storm, Sand Storm and Thunder Storm providing slightly darker brown options, Perfect Storm bringing a rosy glint, then moving darker, Fire Storm and Dust Storm still in the brown spectrum, with Gathering Storm, Storm Cloud and Electric Storm providing blue-grey hues.


Vintage Romance explores variations on a purple palette, with – again – only 3 matte shades: A Vow In Venice, Bliss In Barcelona and Romance In Rome. The other shades go from a pale grey Pretty in Paris, via a rose Meet in Madrid with various mauves and purple as well as a dark blue and a dark grey Love in London.


And here are the blusher shades: from left to right, Newport Beach, The Surf and OC.

I can’t tell you about what they’re like on because, frankly, I haven’t been able to pick a look yet.

Update: I’ve had a play with the palettes now, and here’s the evidence! Disclaimer – I’ve been lounging about today and haven’t put a face on. What I have just learned is, flash at close quarters will make me look like a lobster (I promise I haven’t been sun worshipping). Here goes…

IMG_0155 IMG_0156 IMG_0157

Left eye: from the Vintage Romance palette – Pretty In Paris all over and especially below the brow; A Vow In Venice on the eyelid; Bliss In Barcelona on the outer corner and along the lash line.

Right eye: from the Oh So Special palette – Bow all over; Ribbon on the eyelid; Boxed on the outer corner; and Noir along the lash line.

I also applied Nars Creamy Concealer in Vanilla under the eye (and look what a good job it does!) and Max Factor False Lash Effect Mascara in Black.

What do you think? I quite like the right eye, but I will have to learn how to be more heavy-handed on the eye itself so I can actually see it with my glasses on. Or perhaps that’s overkill…



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