Quick Snack

I just thought I would share my quick snack with you, as it’s quite pretty.


These are seasoned poached eggs, with red Leicester and wilted spinach, on a toasted Sainsbury’s cheese and black pepper muffin. Yum!

I’m particularly pleased with myself, as I had not even thought of adding spinach until after I’d started poaching the eggs. But, because I use Poachpods (Lakeland, £4.99 for two), it was dead easy to quickly, roughly chop a few leaves (three, since you ask) and chuck them in the water with a few minutes still to go. Hey presto! My snack is suddenly far healthier, and approaching meal status.

I do recommend Poachpods if you are at all timid about poaching eggs, as it makes the process dead easy. I like my yolks runny, so often err on the side of caution with poaching for five minutes. This usually means the whites are a bit runny too, but if you have a fear of the gloopiness of egg whites (technical term!), a little bit longer on the heat will firm them right up.

The only thing I would have done differently, now I’ve eaten them up, is to add a little sweet chilli sauce on top of the spinach. This is an idea I’ve pinched from one of my favourite places in Brighton to have brunch – Iydea – whose poached eggs come served with avocados and chilli sauce.


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