Beetroot? Are you sure?

Here is what I did with the beetroot from my vegbox last week. Borscht, it isn’t!

IMG_0289 IMG_0290

These are Forbidden Chocolate Brownies, from Red Velvet & Chocolate Heartache by Harry Eastwood. If you enjoy baking – particularly if you enjoy trying something a little different – I do recommend this book. She incorporates vegetables into her cakes (and for any coeliacs out there, her recipes include gluten-free alternatives as standard).

I was a bit underwhelmed at the idea of borscht and, as my mum (who has coeliac’s) was staying, we thought we’d try our hand at this recipe. For me, I stuck pretty rigidly to the recipe; I added a little black treacle as my mum was not entirely convinced that my light brown soft sugar was the same as the light Muscovado sugar called for in the recipe. I also added a little water to the beetroot when it was refusing to blend. I used ground almond, rather than grinding hazelnuts from scratch, and I was rather heavy-handed with the chopped mixed nuts on the top!

The results? Scrumptious. Very moist in the middle; almost to the point of needing a spoon. We did a quick comparison with another brownie recipe we found online, and the beetroot (and almonds) replace the butter and a lot of the flour, but there is quite a bit more sugar in this recipe. So is it healthier? It depends on your definition of healthy, I suppose, but it makes for a ruddy good brownie!


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