Blips and Other News


The second week started really well, but ended with a bit of a blip. I did my first run on Saturday, my second run on Monday, and then it all went a little awry.

Somehow it just seemed too difficult to go for another run last week, and I was in danger of continuing that trend this week. But this afternoon, somehow, I got my mojo back. And went for a run. It was harder than the previous two runs, but it was still achievable.

I also began the next phase of Toby training, in that I kept him on the lead and had him running next to me for most of my six 90-second running intervals. He was very good and didn’t barge in front of me, or refuse to run. That was quite surprising, given that he had already been for his long walk today. The plan is that – assuming I can stick with the programme – when I start running for longer periods of time, I can run in places other than around my (quite small) nearest park, and Toby can run with me.

I don’t know what tomorrow’s run will bring. I’m thinking I might have a go at doing week three. But it is quite daunting, including running for three whole minutes in one go. With no running for a whole week before today, that might be a bit much. But I figure there’s no harm in trying; I can always shift back to a week two run if I need to.

Other News

I have always shied away from bold colour on my fingernails, because I am an inveterate nail-picker (less so, biter). Which means that bold colour magnifies how short my nails really are, plus I struggle to leave them looking perfect for more than about five minutes.

But, high on the success of my run, and after a lovely relaxing bath, I thought I’d be brave and try out a colour usually reserved for my toes.


What do you think? It’s Richmond Terrace by Nails Inc (currently a free gift with purchase of Nails Inc products from Feel Unique, but usually £11), and I’m very pleased with it. We’ll see if it helps break the habit.




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