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There’s Something Worse Than Kale

Sorry for the hiatus. Life, whattayagonnado?

Last year, I bought a Nutribullet 900, primarily in an attempt to make a dent in my GLV Mountain (green leafy vegetables -you know, kale, spring greens, that stuff you put in everything that takes forever to chop and you still seem to have as much as you did when you started). As discussed in a recent Guardian article, it is basically a blender for lazy people. And, as one of those, I have really enjoyed using it. Given that it attempts to market itself as something other than a blender, I feel it misses the opportunity to point out how easily it does blending-type jobs. But I cannot deny it has helped me with that aforementioned primary goal; consuming GLVs.

The other day, it occurred to me that it might be able to help with my summertime nemesis: lettuce. My considered opinion of lettuce is that it is pointless and – as if that wasn’t enough – bitter. But,given my Nutribullet could help me consume GLVs without noticing, it had to be worth a go with lettuce. Right? Wrong. Well, semi-wrong.


Smoothie, and half a head of lettuce for the next one

This smoothie was made up of:

Half a head of Red Lettuce
One Banana
5 Raspberries
Peanut Butter
Low Fat Greek Yogurt
Coconut Water (about an inch-worth in the cup)
Alpro Chocolate Almond Milk (up to the maximum level)
It was ok, but the bitter under-taste of lettuce was in every gulp. Which is unfortunate. I’m not sure what you can add to counter-act it (suggestions please!). I shan’t be buying any more lettuce, though, unless I have a plan for its consumption. Truly, there is something worse than kale.